4 Back To School Outfits

on August 17, 2022

It’s back to school shopping time! Refresh your child’s wardrobe with some of our favorite items in the Tennessee Hippie store for a stylish look come September. Even better, we donate a portion of our profits to Americans for the Arts, so your back to school styles are going towards a great cause.

Upcycled Denim

Denim is back, and why not rock it with this super stylish upcycled denim shirt? It’s got a cute floral pattern on the shirt pocket and cuffs, and even better, it’s made from Old Navy denim so you know it’s comfortable to wear all day!

You can pair it with these handmade rattan earrings for a simple yet stylish look that will make everyone at school wonder where you did your shopping!

Dress Comfy

Not long after school starts, the cold weather starts to set in. Dress comfy and chic with this cropped tie dye hoodie, with Stay Weird embroidered upside down in hot pink on the front. Layer up with our favorite Three Little Guitars t-shirt so you can still look great if it gets a bit warm in our 100% cotton hoodie.

Accessorize this outfit with our hemp bead bracelet, a perfectly hippie accessory made out of all natural hemp and available in two different colors.

Athleisure Look

Athleisure is one of the hottest styles right now, and our Next Level Razorback Tank is a great way to complete the look! With a pair of yoga pants, you’ll look like you’re ready to hit the gym at any moment while still looking better than ever.

This Sunset Wave Bracelet will look great at the gym or just walking around school, and if you do need to get a workout in, it won’t discolor from sweat!

Crop It

Turn heads with this hand-stitched crop top, complete with adjustable straps and hypoallergenic yarn! It’s machine washable and goes with nearly anything–dress it up or dress it down. This is a great top for the beginning of the school year when the summer heat is still lingering!

Bring out your musical side by pairing the crop top with these awesome guitar string gemstone earrings, made with upcycled guitar strings and real gemstones!


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