4 Fall Outfits For Every Occasion

on September 13, 2022

It’s our favorite time of year at Tennessee Hippie! Fall is a great opportunity to refresh your wardrobe and cozy up. Check out some of our favorite pieces to add to your rotation for this fall!

Upcycled Denim Shirt

upcycled denim shirt

This super comfortable denim shirt is stylish and goes with any accessories or bottom. It’s been repurposed into a shirt from Old Navy denim that was destined for the landfill, and we added a floral flair to it! You can easily dress this way up or way down to fit any occasion this fall, from sitting outside on your porch having a morning coffee to going apple picking with friends and family!

Crop Top Sweatshirt

crop top sweatshirt

This cute crop top sweatshirt is lightweight for those warmer fall days that still have a small chill in the air. You can layer this with other clothes or wear it by itself. Its 90% polyester and 10% cotton blend is comfortable to wear, and the frayed bottom plus “Perfectly Imperfect” printed on the chest makes it a stylish addition to any outfit! Accessorize it with our perfectly imperfect tote bag!

Hand-Crocheted Shawl

hand-crocheted shawl

Once we start getting later into fall and close to winter, this shawl is a great addition to any outfit. It’s machine-washable and can be worn nearly anywhere. It’s more than just a stylish accessory–it’s super warm and it even has pockets! The yarn it’s crocheted with is hypoallergenic, and you can wear it as a shawl, scarf, or however you want to match your outfit!

Cropped Hoodie

crop top hoodie

This cropped hoodie is a fall fashion statement, with white and black tie dye colors and a hot pink “Stay Weird” printed on the chest upside down–because at Tennessee Hippie, being different is what we aim for!

This hoodie is 100% cotton, so it keeps you nice and cozy during chilly fall mornings and is machine-washable.


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