About Tennessee Hippie

Tennessee Hippie is a group of artisans coming together to create one lifestyle brand that serves the hippie in all of us. The brand believes we must each do our part to protect our planet and believes in the motto "reduce, reuse, recycle". The brand is also inspired by peace, love and music. Therefore, most of these handcrafted products are made by upcycling vintage things to make them beautiful and new with a musical theme. There is something for everyone: jewelry, clothes, home goods and more! Tennessee Hippie hopes to spread a positive message and allow each person to stay true to who they are. Let the hippie in you come out!

Charitable Donations

Tennessee Hippie believes that having the Arts available in schools is vital to allowing all children to truly express themselves. The Arts also help children be the best version of themselves. Involvement in the Arts correlates with advances in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking and verbal skill. The different forms of the Arts can open people up to new ways of seeing the world and allowing them to connect more deeply with it. The deeper connections forged through the Arts creates a foundation to forge social bonds and community cohesion.

Tennessee Hippie is a proud supporter of the Americans for the Arts organization. The brand pledges to donate 5% of profits in 2022 to the organization and to continue to grow the giving as the organization grows. The brand believes in partnership and also allows you to give to Americans for the Arts.

Americans for the Arts is dedicated to representing and serving local communities and creating opportunities for every American to participate in and appreciate all forms of the Arts. American for the Arts has a score 88.88 out of 100 in the Give with Confidence rating.

To learn more visit: AmericansForTheArts.org