6 Eco-Friendly Ways To Use Household Items

on July 14, 2022

Whether you’re repurposing, upcycling, or just increasing the useful life of your household items, you can easily start to go green just by doing some simple things with everyday household items.

We love doing this with old denim or upcycled guitar picks and turning them into something beautiful that anyone can add to their wardrobe!

Disposable Razors

disposable razor

According to the EPA, over 2 billion disposable razors are thrown into landfills every year. That’s a lot of trash, and it could easily be cut down if everyone was willing to extend the useful life of their razors.

After each use, be sure to give your razor a good rinse and hit it with a blast of hot air from your hair dryer. A dry razor will stay sharp and rust-free for longer. Once it’s no longer usable, you can still use it for things like shaving pills off your clothes and fabric furniture!

Tissue Boxes

Instead of immediately trashing your empty tissue boxes, think of all the arts and crafts possibilities! You can use it to store office supplies like pens, you can cut it open and use all of your used tissue boxes to create cool floral designs, and some brands like Kleenex are even encouraging their customers to repurpose their tissue boxes into folders with instructions on the side of the box!

Cereal Bags

cereal bags

The plastic liner inside cereal boxes simply ends up in a landfill, contributing to the billions of pounds of plastic waste we dump into our ecosystem every year. To avoid doing that, you can save them and use them for a variety of things around the house:

  • Save them for when you want to crush up crackers, cookies, nuts, and more. They are thicker and more durable than a regular Ziploc bag.
  • Cut a small hole in the corner of it and use it to create a piping bag for frosting! No need to go and buy one separately–it’ll work just the same and it’s free!
  • Use them to save leftovers, with things like a vacuum sealer or foodsaver clip.
  • Pre-form burger patties with ground meat and use small squares of the cereal bag to separate them in the freezer so they don’t get stuck together.

Glass Jars

We love empty glass jars at Tennessee Hippie–they can be used in a ton of different ways that will not only cut down on your waste, but make your house feel like a home!

Keep all your empties, wash them out, and buy yourself some flowers! You can use glass jars as vases around the house to add a finishing touch to any room.

Similarly, you can make water candles out of glass jars! These are super unique centerpieces that will look great around the house or on your dining room table.


Don’t just throw out the daily newspaper every day. It’s got some great uses once you’re done reading it!

Wadded up newspaper is great for absorbing odors, so you can use it in places like shoes, diaper bags, your fridge, or anywhere else you want to eliminate odors in your home.

You’re going to thank yourself for saving up old newspaper when it’s time to move–it makes for great packing material for all of your fragile household items or to ship a package somewhere.

If you’re cleaning glass or mirrors, newspaper won’t leave any streaks or residue unlike some paper towels!

Toilet Paper

toilet paper tube

Once your toilet paper roll is out, don’t throw out the cardboard! You can use it to organize and store light-duty extension cords to prevent tangles and you can mark it with a sharpie so you know how long each cord is.

If you need a fun way to store things on your desk, you can paint or color them and use them to store different office supplies.

Join Tennessee Hippie in the fight to go green and improve the planet that gives us everything we have!


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