7 DIY Boho Ideas

on August 17, 2022

If you love the boho look as much as we do, you’ll love these simple DIY projects that turn your home into a bohemian paradise!

Macrame Plant Hanger

A simple macrame project is a great place to start when you’re searching for that classic bohemian look, and it immediately gives the space a cozy feel that warms up the room. If you’ve got some wall space, make a bunch of these and turn your home into a green utopia!

To keep that boho vibe, choose a simple planter and natural sprigs to go in the hanger. Macrame is super easy to learn and lets you make so many different things!

Simple Hanging Rug

If you’ve got a blank space on the wall that you absolutely need to fill, you can throw up a simple knitted rug that you can customize to be completely you!

All you need is a few simple stitching tools, a metal piece to hang the rug with (this can be anything that you think goes with your space) and a 2x3 woven rug that can be bought at most crafting stores.

Pom Pom Chair Cover

You may not want to make your house look like it’s straight out of 1975, but you can certainly make a nod to the groovy 70s with this awesome DIY pom-pom chair cover!

All you need is a few different color pom-poms and a canvas to weave them onto. They provide an awesome unique look and as an added bonus, can make a hard wooden chair seat comfortable!

Natural Hanging Piece

This one is the easiest on this list–all you need to do is go for a short walk outside! Find a couple sticks, feathers, leaves, and anything else you think will look great hanging in your home. You can use the stick to hang everything else from, and you’ll love the natural feel it gives to any space!

Macrame Coasters

If you don’t feel like taking on a larger macrame project, start small with a set of coasters! These not only pair with nearly everything in a space, but they serve a great functional purpose of keeping rings off your wooden tables.

Macrame Mirror

We’ve got this one handled for you–this Macrame Evil Eye Mirror is the perfect addition to any room to give it that boho feel you want! With a macrame design in the shape of an eye around a mirror, we guarantee it’s the most unique thing you’ll have in your house.

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