How To Use an Agenda Planner

on September 13, 2022

One of our favorite accessories we sell is the perfectly imperfect agenda planner. It’s got a durable hardcover with a message we all need reminding of sometimes across the front: Perfectly Imperfect.

It’s got meal and goal planning, habit tracking, and two layouts per week. Learn how to use it effectively so you can continue living life worry-free!

Be Consistent

The format you put your information in isn’t as important as the consistency with which you do it. It can take months to get used to incorporating it into your everyday routine, so it’s important to be especially diligent at first. Try setting an alarm every day or just making it part of your morning routine. This will help you plan for the day ahead and get your planning for the rest of the week out of the way!

Fill In Important Dates Immediately

Once you find out the date and location of an important event, put it in your planner as soon as you’re able to. This ensures you have all of the important dates in your planner and that you won’t forget them if you take too long to put them in. Take any notes necessary under each event to help you remember important details!

Color Code

Categorize different things (assignments due, meetings, events, important dates, etc.) and use a color for each of them! This helps you identify what you have going on during any given day just by giving the planner a quick glance, and for the artistic-minded it makes your planner pretty to look at!

Block Time Out

Instead of just listing out your planned activities, block out certain time blocks dedicated to one particular task. This helps you avoid bouncing around from task to task without any structure, and it can be mentally exhausting to look at an endless list in your planner without times given to each one.

Meal Planning

Every Sunday, take 15 minutes to sit down and plan your meals out on your agenda. Many don’t realize it, but deciding what to eat for dinner can be a huge time suck and a source of stress throughout the week. Having a planner to take that stress away is super helpful!

Goal Planning

You don’t just have to use our agenda planner to plan your weeks. Use it to plan your goals! Break your goals down into achievable steps week-by-week and set a deadline for yourself ahead of time in your planner. Breaking it down into small phases makes your goals seem significantly easier to accomplish them.


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