What Does Hippie Mean To Us?

on May 04, 2022

Being a hippie is more than just wearing the right clothes or jewelry–it’s about living the lifestyle. At Tennessee Hippie, we’re dedicated to doing just that. We love everything about it, and our goal is to spread the lifestyle as wide as we can.

Peace, Love, & Music

Peace, Love, and Music

This is the mantra that we live and breathe. We believe in free-spirited fun with an unmatched love for life. That includes tuning out the noise and listening to the music we want, with a passion for exploring different genres but a tendency to always drift back to our musical roots. The tunes we like to listen to represent the same values that we live by–nothing else matters but peace, love, and music.

Unique Style

Our style can’t really be defined under one category. We dress how we want, which might be unconventional, but it’s uniquely us, and that’s all that matters. That’s reflected in our threads, the way we accessorize, and the jewelry we wear. Music is incorporated into our outfits, and we tend to stray away from many of the mainstream trends.

One With Nature

We can’t be cooped up inside for too long. Taking walks through trails, riding our bikes, kayaking and paddleboarding in the ocean or in a peaceful lake–we make it an objective every day to get outside and just enjoy what the world has to give to us.

This love of nature coincides with another one of our passions–keeping the Earth the way it should be. We’re conscious of any waste we produce, and the proof is in the products we make. We upcycle materials that would otherwise be thrown out into wearable style, we contribute to organizations that are steadfast in the preservation of the environment, and we hold and attend events that are geared towards like-minded individuals.

A Passion For Creating

At the center of our brand is the passion for creating art. We take things like natural crystals and gemstones and turn them into art that you can wear because we appreciate the beauty of them and their healing powers.

Our creations are an expression of our mind, body, and soul in a way that is therapeutic to us. Tennessee Hippie is the product of a free spirit that just wants to create for the world to share.

Help support the cause by shopping at Tennessee Hippie, and come out to one of our events that we host!


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